I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for awhile.

I understand you’ve been totally busy getting your art done, so I’ve opted not to bother you.


I’m standing by to finish your site move to the main URL whenever you have time.  We agreed upon that task being part of the project, and I aim to honor it.

In the meanwhile, you asked (several times, I know) how to pay me for the work on the site.

The answer is the blue button below.

[custom_stripe_button paypal=true buy_button_label=”Go with a Card” custom_amount=”true” paypal_email=”anthemengine@gmail.com” checkout_button_label=”Thank You” success_redirect_url=”anthemengine.com/success” failure_redirect_url=”anthemengine.com/failure” image_url=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/stripe-uploads/acct_17pTgZDoXliuWyYBmerchant-icon-1458092933424-logo2016blk200sq.jpg”]